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Thread: Firefox 1.5 Backport

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    Firefox 1.5 Backport

    Today's the big day for Firefox, so I wanna address this before I get flooded with requests for it:

    It's going to be a while before Firefox 1.5 is officially backported.

    Firefox 1.5 marks a major change in Firefox relative to the 1.0.x series. Backporting this big a change has never been done in Backports history, and as a result the migration needs to be treated with care... The new Firefox package threatens compatibility with existing components, from the Ubuntu-bundled Totem plugins to user installed extensions and system locale packages. In addition, how security updates to the Firefox 1.5 series needs to be addresses, as it seems like the Ubuntu security team will try their best to avoid backporting 1.5 themselves (IMO a very good decision for stability/compatibility reasons).

    The backporting of Firefox needs to be done in stages. First off, there will be NO EXPERIMENTAL PACKAGES released before 1.5 final is in Dapper.

    After that, there will be a rough closed-door experimentation time by Backports team members to make sure the Dapper packages do not break any system too extensively.

    Third, the Backports team will release experimental packages for early adopters and testers once the Dapper packages are confirmed not to be too dangerous...

    Finally, if all goes well, Firefox 1.5 will be filed to James Troup for backporting

    This thread is locked and only updated by me periodically to keep you guys informed on our process. You can subscribe to this thread if you're really obsessive-compulsive about it...


    A backport will not be done for Firefox 1.5 because of compatibility issues with introducing a new browser, both to the rest of the Ubuntu Breezy platform and to users with heavily customized Firefox setups.

    Those who wish to use Firefox 1.5 are encouraged to download official binaries from and unpack them into their home directories -- a very simple, pure graphical process.
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