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When I install 0.9.3 and all other older Versions of x11vnc with the ubuntu synaptic i see that there will be install other libaries like libvncserver ... which probably are needed for x11vnc to run. But with the new TEST 0.9.9 Version I don't do this and it works. Should I install the or why are they installed with the older Versions ?
The x11vnc source tarball ships with the most recent version of libvncserver included. By default the x11vnc built from the tarball (./configure; make) will statically link in its libvncserver; the TEST ones at the website are built this way.

libvncserver has grown in usage over the years and it makes sense for a distro maintainer to have a single libvncserver dynamically shared library for all of them. In this case they configure x11vnc via: ./configure --with-system-libvncserver

So for the TEST x11vnc you are using it doesn't need and won't use your system libvncserver.

BTW, to see which libraries a binary needs run the "ldd" command on the binary (e.g. "ldd /path/to/my/x11vnc")