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Thread: ATI 9000/9100 driver problem with envy

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    ATI 9000/9100 driver problem with envy

    I have Hardy installed on my laptop and everything's fine except for the graphics card, which I can't get to work after about a week now.

    I'm a complete noob with Linux so I've tried using envyng, it appears to have installed (I get the message "installation complete" once it has run) but I still cannot enable desktop fx after it has rebooted.

    Now I'm not fussed about desktop fx but I would like my graphics card to be installed properly. It doesn't appear at all on the 'proprietary drivers menu'.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: ATI 9000/9100 driver problem with envy

    ATI Card before the 9500 series are not supported by the legacy ATI Restricted Driver. You will have to use the open source ATI/Radeon driver already available in X.
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