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Thread: PowerPC - Installing Intrepid (8.10) - No common CD-ROM drive was detected

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    PowerPC - Installing Intrepid (8.10) - No common CD-ROM drive was detected

    The ubuntu-8.10-alternate-powerpc Installer-CD failes to detect the CD-ROM Drive.

    After choosing Language, Country and Keyboard-Layout, the Installer tries to detect the CD-ROM, but you get following massage:

    "No common CD-ROM drive was detected
    You may need to load additional CD-ROM drivers from a floppy... Otherwise you willl be give the option to manually select CD-ROM modules. Load drivers from Floppy? - Yes - No"

    Answer 'No' to the question and

    Switch to a second console pressing ctrl+alt+F2
    Press Enter to activate that console
    modprobe ide-scsi
    Switch back to the first console pressing ctrl+alt+F1
    You got another question:
    "Manually select a CD-ROM module and device?"
    Say 'Yes' and choose the right option for you.
    Most probably you have to choose 'cdrom' or 'cdrom0'

    If it fails again, go back to the 'Debian Installer Main Menu'
    and choose again the option 'Detect and mount a CD-ROM'
    Now it should work!

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    For more information:
    Thanks to olalirole for this workaround!!!
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