I hate asking questions, but I've finally been stumped beyond my own searching/linux knowledge and I need help.
I have a macbook v4.1 and I've set the keyboard up to work as it would in MacOSX (to use the function keys as function keys I have to press fn + the function key)
this is the behavior I want and so far the F1 & F2 keys work perfectly to turn up/down the brightness, F7=last track, F8=pause/play, F9=next track, F10=mute, F11=volumedown, F12=volumeup, and the eject key works (I'm using pomme)

Here's what I want....my F3 key (expose key) should start the compiz "scale" plugin and my F4 key (dashboard key) should start the compiz "widget layer" plugin.....the problem is that compiz doesn't recognize the keys at all

I even tried xev, but the keys still spit nothing out....how can a key not be sending any data at all (is it lack of support for the keyboard device at the kernel level, or is it transmitting data some other way....like a joystick dev)

this is the only outstanding thing left for me to be completely happy with my ubuntu/macbook setup (well to be totally honest this and the audio problem...which is the fact that the sound is lacking bass, but I'm willing to wait for alsa to take care of this with the missing "surround" channel)

I would think it would be easy to remap any key press....but I have no idea how to start without xev even letting me know what the keystroke is!?!

Please if anyone can help, let me know.....everything else in terms of ubuntu on macbook rocks