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Thread: [SOLVED] Failed update, can't boot Kubuntu

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    [SOLVED] Failed update, can't boot Kubuntu

    I tried updating Kubuntu today after about a month of non-use. It downloaded some 223 MB of updates, but couldn't apply some of them due to failed "commit charges." I thought rebooting it would solve the problem.

    The splash screen for booting showed, as well as its progress bar, but sometime after that it hangs and displays the text:

    "nvidia (173.14.09): Already installed on this kernel"

    It doesn't do anything after that. I press ctrl + alt + del to get it to reboot.

    Can anyone help me? I don't even know where start with this problem. I tried entering recovery mode, I don't know if that was a success or a failure. It stayed in "terminal," although it wasn't truly terminal because I couldn't do anything. Reboot, sudo, nothing would illicit an action.

    I'd appreciate any feedback.

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    Re: Failed update, can't boot Kubuntu

    what happens when you boot into recovery and choose xfix
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    Re: Failed update, can't boot Kubuntu

    Doesn't get that far. I get initramfs.

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