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Thread: 8.10-rc crashes on startup with fglrx

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    8.10-rc crashes on startup with fglrx

    I just upgraded to 8.10 (from 8.04), and I can't get my video drivers working. Everything worked fine in 8.04.

    I have an ATI Radeon HD 4850 in my system. After I install the fglrx drivers and reboot the system, the system crashes when the login screen should be displayed. I tried both the version of fglrx that comes with Ubuntu and the version currently available from ATI, but neither of these work.

    How do I get my graphics drivers working?

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    Re: 8.10-rc crashes on startup with fglrx

    You won't get it working till 8.11 is released.

    For now you need to use the somewhat crappy radeon driver.

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