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Thread: Switching from Ubuntu to..... Mandriva?

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    Re: Switching from Ubuntu to..... Mandriva?

    Ubuntu updates and upgrades are good. It even fixed my laptop sound problem in Intrepid (getting sounds from both internal and external speakers).

    I had tried mandriva 2007. User-friendliness is ok, but a boring distro overall
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    Re: Switching from Ubuntu to..... Mandriva?

    Spring 2008 was indeed a fantastic OS. I don't think Mandiva 2009 is quite up to that standard, but I do still love it. I tried quite a few different distros recently, hoping to find one good enough to replace Mandy 2009 on my PC, and while Mint 5 KDE came close, I still ended up returning to Mandriva. I don't think 2009 is anywhere near as complete an experience as Spring 2008 was, but since I quite fancy KDE4 now I'm going to stick with it. I think so far Mandriva 2009 has the best implementation of KDE4 yet.

    I do wish they'd ditch the EULA though. I just don't see the point of it.
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