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Anyway I've given Mandriva a try, but it's definitely not as user-friendly as Ubuntu, at least not for noobs... But I was wondering (because all this stuff is a mystery to me)
This view certainly may vary from user to user, otherwise there won't be that much distributions on the market.
I was running Opensuse (when it still was called SuSe) and Ubuntu for some years, tested some other for a few days and finally stayed with Mandriva.
Mandriva can't be as bad as it is often said, otherwise Ubuntu wouldn't have adopted the Mandriva Control Center, now known as Ubuntu Control Center (http://www.tectonic.co.za/2010/05/ma...re-for-ubuntu/)

The notebook I'm writing this from freezes during installation with every distribution - except Mandriva. The SiS chipset needs a lot of fiddling on every distribution - except Mandriva. On my PC I've set up a raid0 on a nforce 4 chipset and guess what: Mandriva is the only distribution that works on that raid0 out of the box!

Don't get me wrong: I'm not against Ubuntu, I'm pro every other operating system that is based on Linux, but for me I have found another OS that matches my needs better.

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How is it possible for Mandriva to succeed... while Ubuntu doesn't?
I don't know. Ubuntu has lots of money, lots of programmers and lots of users. So I really don't know...

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=> Mandriva provides nice working 2D video driver for SiS... it's not 3D! So, no Compiz, no so eye candy!)
As long as SiS doesn't provide a 3D driver for Linux, you will not see usable 3D acceleration on any distribution.
For the eye candies: It would be nice to have 3D, but from what I've seen on Win7 with SiS, this chipset is running at it's limits with Windows Aero enabled. Don't expect too much from that.