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Thread: Asus M50vm-a1: Touchpad and fingerprint scanner

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    Asus M50vm-a1: Touchpad and fingerprint scanner

    I've just got myself an Asus M50vm-a1 laptop (I love it so far) and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get the fingerprint scanner and the fancier parts of the touchpad working. I've tried tf-tool for the fingerprint scanner, but it complains that no mode has been specified. As far as the touchpad goes, I'd really like to be able to use the secondary mode with all the media controls. For you convenience I've attached the outputs of lshw, lsusb and lspci.
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    Re: Asus M50vm-a1: Touchpad and fingerprint scanner

    Did you try fprint-demo?
    On my M50VM laptop the device seems to be recognized but the program crash while attempting to scan fingerprints...

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