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Thread: uninstall madwifi kernel panic

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    Red face uninstall madwifi kernel panic

    This is a long story. Okay. At the beginning, like many other MacBook users, I discovered my wifi didn't work. Luckly, I found this page. I installed madwifi, and it worked! Soon though, I discovered that any major update overwrote madwifi, and it stopped working. So, instead of having to find a wired internet connection every time, I kept the install instructions and files in my home directory. On the most recent update that required me to restart my computer, I found my wifi connection was gone. No problem, I reinstalled madwifi, and restarted. Uhoh. Now every time I restart in that kernel (2.6.24-21-generic I belive) it gives me a kernel error. I'm kind of a noob, and I don't understand make completely, but I did try running "make uninstall-modules" in the directoy I installed madwifi from, and it prints out a script called scripts/ I tried running it with the arguments it gave me, but it still won't uninstall. Help please?

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    Re: uninstall madwifi kernel panic

    Try to boot into a recovery console (one should be available from grub)

    Navigate to your madwifi folder (where you make installed from in the first place) and type

    make uninstall
    I think that should do it.

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    Re: uninstall madwifi kernel panic

    use the newer ath9k module..

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