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Thread: Can't get Wifi to work on Eee PC 1000H

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    Re: Can't get Wifi to work on Eee PC 1000H

    Quote Originally Posted by arwate View Post
    Hi all,

    I got an Eee PC 1000H last week and have been trying to get to work various Ubuntu variations on it. A critical feature for me is Wifi, but so far I was not able to get it to work at all (or even find out what's missing on the way to get it work)...
    I also have a 1000h with wireless issues.

    It's OK with the home wireless but haven't been able to get WPA enterprise with TKIP to work at the University.

    Edit: Just tried a different laptop and found that WPA enterprise with TKIP works with Ubuntu 8.04.1 but not with 8.10

    It looks like my 1000h wireless issues are really Intrepid wireless issues.

    I found it easy to get wireless working on the 1000H at home with Intrepid but Intrepid wont work on WPA Enterprise with TKIP.
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