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Thread: Monitor / Flash frustrations

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    Monitor / Flash frustrations

    So, I'm relatively new to Ubuntu... New to Linux in general. I'm not from a very tech-savvy discipline (I teach middle school English), but I've always considered myself modestly adept. I bought an EeePC a few months ago and installed Ubuntu after I got bored with Xandros (I've decided that tinkering with this stuff is fun). I doubt you needed or wanted to know all that, but I had fun typing it.

    Now I've installed Hardy on my 12" iBook G4 after reading something about how well Ubuntu runs on older hardware. The iBook is my primary computer, and never moves from my desk. I have a Samsung Syncmaster 932bw (not sure if the model is important, but there it is) that I want to use with the iBook. The desired resolution is 1440x900 at 60Hz. I don't need dual screens (though it would be dandy if I could make it work), I just need to use the external. I have the monitor in the correct resolution (sort of), only I can't get the screen on the laptop to turn off, and the top panel on the external screen only covers 1024 pixels, if you catch my meaning. The bottom panel is fine. It's a bit funky. I'll attach a screenshot just for kicks.

    I've done plenty of Googling. I've broken, fixed, re-broken, and re-fixed my xorg.conf umpteen times, and I haven't been able to find any drivers for the monitor. Can anyone help?

    Also-I know I can't have Adobe for Hardy on PPC, but can I make Pandora radio work?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Monitor / Flash frustrations

    I suppose things must get worse before they get better - Now I can't get the thing to boot at all.

    New question: since I'm so inexperienced, would this all be easier if I installed Feisty instead?

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