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Thread: HOW TO surf anonymous

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    HOW TO surf anonymous

    Hi after 5 months using Ubuntu the first HOW TO
    Be gentle with me !

    Go to and write down youre IP ( you need it later)
    $ sudo apt-get install tor privoxy

    sudo gedit /etc/privoxy/config
    and ad this line: " forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 . " (with the dot at the end)

    then go to
    click on "Install now" (62 KB file)

    then Firefox askes you to install now ? > Click on Install now

    After the instalation you have to restart Fire Fox again.
    Then go to Extra > Switch Proxy > manage proxies > add > standard > next.

    Then fill in:
    Next enter the following information into both the HTTP Proxy and SSL Proxy fields. Hostname: Port: 8118. Set up any proxy exceptions you may need and then click on OK.(Do this also for the proxy label)

    Then choose in Firefox > extra > switch Proxy > Preferences > and apply "show toolbar"

    Now the toolbar wil be shown in FF.
    Choose proxy, your proxy server you just filed in:

    for other proxys go to:
    Then go to and look if youre IP is different from above !
    Then it worked, else not you can put you're questions here below.


    Hope it did work !



    With thanks to:
    - ubuntu_demon
    - lindt
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