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Thread: Is Mac mini worth a go..??

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    Is Mac mini worth a go..??

    Im getting ready for the next box and I was thinking Mac and maybe mini
    for its convenient size etc.Will be first Mac since 198o something..Is the mini still a concern of Apple and is it
    worth buying in its current config.. I saw 1.8g for 570. usd. 2.0 for 710.
    How is mac and Ubu and anything worth knowing for someone thinking like me...thanks

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    Re: Is Mac mini worth a go..??

    Great timing!
    Apple stopped Mac Minis shipments to stores today!

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    Re: Is Mac mini worth a go..??

    The Mac mini is a great little desktop mac. I have two of them, a 1.83 ghz C2D and an older G4/1.42. Both are upgradeable for RAM and HD and the Intel mini for processor. It's not the most powerful Mac around, but it's powerful enough for all but the most demanding graphic uses. If you want to know more about it, check out the website/forum that's devoted to the mini: You'll find a few Linux users on it as well, present company included. You can run Linux on the Intel mini in any of several modes: single boot, dual boot through BootCamp and in a virtualizer program like VirtualBox (free), Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. I run Ubuntu on the latter. If you're not interested in running the MacOS at all, I wouldn't recommend the mini because there are PC equivalents similar in size and spec that cost less.

    There is definitely talk of Apple no longer making the mini, but nothing confirmed. If they stop making it you might get a good deal on price. The other way to get a good price is to check out Apple refurbs. That's what I got, and it came with an extra gig of RAM that I didn't buy.

    I wouldn't worry about Apple no longer making it if this turns out to be the case. They will support its hardware for many more years. Apple makes high quality computers - I'm still using a G4 Cube that was discontinued in 2000 and there's no problem getting parts for it.

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    Re: Is Mac mini worth a go..??

    You might try reading this blog to get an idea of whether the differences/issues will drive you up the wall or not:
    My Mac Sucks!

    (The user also comments on non-Mac issues, like a recent rant on Office 2008 or YouTube; it's equal-opportunity griping from what I can see. I primarily read it because some of the person's comments & descriptions amuse me.)

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