Ok everyone, I want to bounce this off the community and make sure that I have my head on straight here:

I have a failing root drive that I am getting ready to replace and my mom needs an upgrade on her system. So, I am going to buy a new case/mobo/cpu/hdd/ram/video and pay my old case/mobo/cpu/ram/video forward to her (shh... it's a suprise).

I am running Ubuntu 8.04 64bit now on an Athlon64 with 2GB RAM. Going to Athlon X2 with 4GB RAM. Anyway, I figure that I will go ahead and load from scratch a new 8.10 release and setup a new mythtv instance. Once that is all in place, I will migrate my current LVM over to the new box and restore my backed up copy of my MythTV database. So here are my steps. Am I missing anything here?

1. Load new system with 8.10 64-bit
2. Install and configure MythTV
3. Backup MySQL Database on old system
4. Restore MySQL Database on new system
5. Physically move LVM to new system and mount

Also, if anyone has done this before, any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!!!