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Thread: ubuntu types?

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    ubuntu types?

    I am new to the whole linux world here, and I'm currently using ubuntu to start out learning how all this works. What I'm currently trying to figure out is what the different ubuntu versions I keep hearing about mean. xbuntu, and so forth. When I downloaded the ubuntu software I thought there were only 2 versions to download from their site. What are the different versions, and how exactly do they differ from the original ubuntu? I'm also curious about possible different skins to install as I find the ubuntu kind of bland in the way of how everything looks.
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    Re: ubuntu types?

    The different "types" of Ubuntu are properly called derivatives and the different ones available are explained here.

    As for "skinning" Ubuntu, what you want to look at is changing the theme you're using or some part of it. To do that navigate to System/Preferences/Appearance and from there you can pick a new theme, and/or modify bits and pieces of a theme (e.g. window borders, cursors, buttons, colors) using the "Customize" button.


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