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Thread: HOWTO: JBidWatcher

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    Re: HOWTO: JBidWatcher

    Quote Originally Posted by Endolith View Post
    In GNOME, just add a menu entry for "java -jar /home/username/Programs/jBidWatcher". Easy.

    (Though double-clicking a .jar file should ideally launch the program without any additional effort, and GNOME popping up a balloon notification asking you if you'd like a launcher to be automatically created would be even easier.)
    This worked very well, thanks.

    Found the pretty icon here:

    place into:


    And don't forget to change the ownership of the jb.svg file:

    chown root:root /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/jb.svg
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    Re: HOWTO: JBidWatcher

    When is the last time this was updated? Do these intructions still work? What's the best way to get this program?

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    Re: HOWTO: JBidWatcher

    I haven't been having luck installing on anything from 9.10 on up; luckily I have prior installs that I've been able to update, though I still have to launch it from konsole.
    This application really needs the benefit of a "no-brainer" type installer for us poor geeklings with memory problems...

    On another note; the most recent install attempt on a 10.x machine resulted in a failed sun java install that really tossed a wrench into things.
    The dang "OK" input on the release acknowledgement was non-responsive, resulting in opening a real can of worms.

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