This thread is a cross-post - which is against the forum rules. However, it's not a traditional help request, and I post it here to direct users to an information they might miss if they don't follow the Gamers Arena. I'm just posting this in the Gamers Arena and in this forum, please keep the discussion in the Gamers Arena (please lock this thread).

Stating with Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex and due to changes in Xorg, each model of joystick needs a special file to be recognised properly. For the moment 8.10 doesn't ship with these files, and thus your joystick shouldn't be working anymore (instead, it should move the mouse cursor, sometimes preventing the use of the mouse until you unplug the joystick).

Since each joystick model is different, in order to provide these fdi files we need users to provide a little information about their joystick model - else your joystick may never be supported.

If you are the owner of a joystick (or any game input device, joypad, dance mat, etc...), can borrow somebody's joystick for 5 minutes or can go to a friend that has a joystick, you would be a great help if you could check if your joypad is on this list, and if not follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Joystick_lshal

If you are on a mailing list or forums where the users might be happy to help Ubuntu's gaming, you can also politely direct them to this post in the forums (I'm already sending this to the ubuntu-devel-discuss and ubuntu-users mailing lists).

Please note that I'm not an Ubuntu developer, just been an Ubuntu user for a while
I'll monitor the thread in Gamers Arena for a while, feel free to post you questions there.