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Thread: can´t connect to internet wireless

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    can´t connect to internet wireless


    Tring to connect to internet wireless
    i have the list of available networks
    but when i insert password the green light never apears
    the wireless card is working
    ifconfig is showing the interface

    just can't connect??

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    Re: can´t connect to internet wireless

    Green light never appears?

    Is this the icon by the clock? There should be two small blobs that should be transparent, the first one lights green when it finds the network. The second one lights when you are authenticated.

    I presume you are providing the incorrect credentials, or you're selecting an incorrect type of authentication such as a WEP/WPA etc.You should check what your router likes and select that.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: can´t connect to internet wireless

    Check your routers settings, it may have MAC address filtering enabled! simply type the MAC (Media Access Control; not the apple computer) that is on your wireless card in and allow it. hope this helps!
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