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Thread: Nvidia 9600gt 720p Issues

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    Re: Nvidia 9600gt 720p Issues

    This is how far my 9600GT gets and just freezes at this point (excuse the was taken with my cellphone ). Currently using the non-proprietary driver which is ok. Will wait for 8.10 and see what happens. If that fails too, then I'll try 'envy'.
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    Re: Nvidia 9600gt 720p Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by cookieforyou View Post

    Will wait for 8.10 and see what happens.
    8.10 is done, except for the release announcement. Whatever is hanging up in your system isn't going to change in the next 2 days.

    With three different Nvidia cards running Kubuntu and some other distros, I've never personally observed the driver loading all the way to the Nvidia splash, and then freezing -- that's kinda weird. I'd say reinstall it, by whatever means you prefer.
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    Re: Nvidia 9600gt 720p Issues

    Just a quick update about the 720p freezing issue. I have finally figured what it was. After lots of messing around and waiting for 8.10, i installed it this afternoon, expecting it to fix my issue. However i still had the problem, so i ran Hardinfo.
    This reported that my CPU's were running at 1GHz not 3 as they should be. after a bit of detective work, it seems CPU scaling was causing the issue as powernowd doesn't ramp the CPU usage up when playing videos.
    why this didn't have an effect with my old card is beyond me, i can only guess that i must have enabled quick and quiet by mistake when i reset the BIOS

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