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Thread: booting from external USB HDD

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    Question booting from external USB HDD

    Ok guys, I'm stumped and I need help..please!
    I have installed Ubuntu on an external HDD so that I can boot straight from the external HDD and save any changes in it. I have tried this in my old shuttle desk top and the system all works fine. What I want to do is use it with my Toshiba satellite pro laptop. However, although the bios has a boot from USB option, and it will happily boot from linux on a usb pen drive, it refuses to boot from my usb HDD. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: booting from external USB HDD

    How far does it get, what happens when you try to boot?

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    Re: booting from external USB HDD

    I guess old mate made it, but just a note for future kiddies with yeoldy toshiba's. You might want to look into boot parameters when trying to make the little buggers turn over from usb. Till my head clears from the wine and I find that pen drive that the notes were written on I can only leave you with that lead.

    apci=off ?
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