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Thread: Metacity flickers not just Hardy, but Ibex to,

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    Post Metacity flickers not just Hardy, but Ibex to,

    Hi folkes!
    in the last 10-14 days or so i noticed, that metacity in hardy began to flash, when moving the mouse over the minimize maximize close bottons, dont know if its metacity related or nvidia driver related. but untill i get this checked i would appreciate any help, or maybe even a confirm that its not just on my machine.

    And now i've installed Ibex beta, same thing here so installed emerald to get rid of this annoying issue.

    For now, Kind Regards MikeDK

    i'll get back with info

    just wanna add that im using Nvidia driver 177.80 on ibex.
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    Re: Metacity flickers not just Hardy, but Ibex to,

    Hey Everybody

    My Top bar changes from silver to orange but if i move the mouse over the minimising maximising close it goes back to orange have a geforce 6600 using nvidia 177.40

    i am running intrepid ibex beta 1

    Best Regards Allan
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