Hello, I have been using this computer iwth a wireless card I bought several months ago which worked well out-of-the-box (Edimax with RaLink RT2561/RT61 chipset). Under Roaming mode it can connect to both open and WPA2 networks. I have been trying, these past several hours, to make it Non-Roaming on my personal home WPA2 network (which it was able to connect to, under roaming).

So far, I have yet to succeed. When I change the settings in 'Network Settings', it look like it changes things, but after the change I have no internet. I guess the question is - what is the difference between Roaming and connecting to a given network, and NOT roaming and connecting to a given network?

Another problem I have is that under roaming mode, if I hover over the icon to see which network I am connected to, after a couple minutes it shows (unknown)'. This is not the name of the network for sure, since if I select my home network and connect to it it changes to '(unknown)' as well.

I have read the long how-to about setting up WPA2 without the gui, but in this case I am not sure it is necessary, since I am able to connect using WPA2, just not without roaming.

Thanks to all help in this!