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Thread: White screen after logon for Xen with Hardy

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    White screen after logon for Xen with Hardy


    I've been trying to get this going for days, and I'm really desperate. I installed Xen on Hardy, and rebooted. However, when I log in, I get a white blank screen except for the mouse pointer. The screensaver still runs, because I noticed it coming on.

    When I press Ctrl+Alt+Bspace, I see the wallpaper momentarily before going back to the login screen, which appears ok. I'm able to log in to the failsafe Gnome desktop correctly.

    My graphics card is a Radeon HD2600XT, and I've tried both the open source and proprietary drivers for Radeon, together with various resolutions, all to no avail. The vesa driver works though, but its low resolution won't suffice for daily use.

    The problem does not occur without Xen, i.e., if I boot the original Hardy kernel, everything's fine. I've tried Xen 3.2 and 3.3. Does anyone have similar experience or solutions?

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    Re: White screen after logon for Xen with Hardy

    I have similar problem. I olso have ati radeon hd2600. But I Upgradet kernel from -19 to -21. And when I log into my Ubnutnu I get white screen with mouse pointer. I dont know why.

    ps: I dont have Xen

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