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Thread: Loco? That's Crazy!

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    Loco? That's Crazy!

    I have been an Ubuntu user for a few years now. Just recently realized that there are like-minded individuals locally.

    What's the story?

    Here in Bloomfield Hills, I haven't met an Ubuntu user (although I saw one guy w/ a Ubuntu sticker on his laptop at Barnes and Noble once).
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    Talking Re: Loco? That's Crazy!

    The story is that there's a bunch of us scattered around. Mostly, it seems, in the Ann Arbor and Oakland County areas. They came out of the woodwork for Penguicon this year, where Jono Bacon and Mako were guests of honor. We also put on some spiffy bug jams and packaging jams from time to time. Jump on the mailing list and on IRC (#ubuntu-us-mi) and join in the fun!

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    Re: Loco? That's Crazy!

    Can't really add more than what Wolfger already said, other than, come join the fun at the next planned event: Ohio Linux Fest

    We'll also probably have a party for the release of Intrepid (dinner and drinks at a bar somewhere).

    And of course, Packaging Jams and Bug Jams. Check the wiki for more details.

    Oh, and "Welcome!"
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