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Thread: Xen and Ubuntu 8.04 x64

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    Xen and Ubuntu 8.04 x64

    Please bear with my lack of knowledge. I am not new by any means, just new to Ubuntu and Xen Most of my work is done on CentOS boxes.

    I have a need to install Xen. I am trying to get Eucalyptus ( installed and Xen as well as Java JDK > 1.5 are requirements.

    I have a Ubuntu 8.04 x64 box that I dual boot with Vista 64. I figured what better place to do this!

    Ubuntu works fine. I did a apt-get install xen-server. It did a bunch of installs, modified grub and suggested a reboot. I rebooted.

    Now what happens is that I get no access to any network devices. I did an ifconfig and it no longer shows eth0, it shows peth0 with the ip address from the DHCP server.

    I looked at the config file and made sure that the network-bridge was uncommented. I did a xend restart and I get a peth0 not configured.

    I went into system administration and noticed that the interface was set to roaming. I unlocked it and set it to DHCP. I then did a xend restart and get the same errors, but now I get something more interesting! I can see my local network but can not get past my router.

    Does anyone have an idea what I need to do to configure this Ubuntu box so that I can get Xen working on it and have net access?



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    Re: Xen and Ubuntu 8.04 x64

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