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Thread: DVD's recorded with Brasero can't be mounted

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    Exclamation DVD's recorded with Brasero can't be mounted

    I'm using Brasero on Ubuntu 11.04 with a new Sony DVD RW SATA drive.
    While trying to burn data DVD's (I've tried various mediums from Princo to Verbatim) everything finishes without any error messages displayed. But then I end up with a useless DVD disk which can't even be mounted on that same drive it was burned in in the first place.

    First I thought it was a hardware problem with the drive it self, and return it after only a week of use. They gave me a new piece of the same model. But the problem continues.

    Now I believe its Brasero. But I don't know how to confirm or rule out this...

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    Re: DVD's recorded with Brasero can't be mounted

    I've only had a problem with Brasero with .iso's not wanting to be read by the BIOS at start up.

    What type of files are you burning?

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