So here is a bit of a weird one.

To summarize a long story, I had to put all of a computer innards (including Power Supply) into a new case to fit a new video card. Same Motherboard, Same RAM, same Hard drive, Same DVD-Rom. The only real hardware that has changed is the video card (NVidia 7900 series to 8800 series)

Since then, ALSA has stopped working completely, as has OSS. The ONLY thing that will work is PulseAudio, but there were some other applications this person required which are ALSA dependent.

I'm really at a loss here. Sure the new video card may draw more voltage, but I wouldn't think it would be a voltage issue if Pulse Audio works and Alsa and OSS don't...

Anyway, anyone have any ideas on where to start here?

Any advise is much appreciated!