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Thread: please, please help... I'm so lost...

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    please, please help... I'm so lost...

    Please forgive me, I have a very strong feeling that I'm posting in the wrong section, but I have a huge problem:
    I've read that the new version of flash is wonky (something about javascript)
    I've tried using the chat on but I peeb getting me message: plugin: 'flash' [Couldn't access javascript]
    and under it: 'java: probing'

    Please, either redirect me to where I should post this or help me!
    <3 Nana

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    Re: please, please help... I'm so lost...

    You may want to install the ubuntu-restricted-extras meta package, as this provides flash, java and most codecs you need to play any media. It is available in the repositories. You can use Add/Remove Programs, Syhnaptic Package Manager and of course the command line to install it.


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    Re: please, please help... I'm so lost...

    There are no stupid questions. You're not a stupid person simply because you do not know how to do something, or do not have the answer to a question. Everyone was a green user at one point in time.

    Try to give information in the title of your post. Instead of using a title like "it's broken," use a title that is specific, such as, "Unable to get sound to play in Firefox." A clear title will attract more views to your thread, as it gives a clear indication of the content of the post to the people that are willing to help you. The forums would devolve into rants if everyone had "stuff doesn't work" threads.

    Go to applications - add/remove and install ubuntu-restricted-extras. If you have problems with sound in youtube/etc, go to system - administration - synaptic package manager and install "libflashsupport," but keep in mind this might cause firefox to crash sometimes


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