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Thread: Upgrade KDE4/3?

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    Upgrade KDE4/3?

    I have Kubuntu 8.04 installed with KDE 3.5.9, when kubuntu 8.10 is released and adept asks me to upgrade what will happen. Will i get an upgraded KDE3 , and option of both 3 and 4 or will my 3 be gone and only left with 4?

    I have my home partitioned separately, and am using 64bit right now, if i go back to 32 will there be any problems given that m home was made using 64 save files and other things?
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    Re: Upgrade KDE4/3?

    I think Kubuntu ibex has KDE4 set up to overwrite KDE3.
    If you dislike KDE4 as much as I do I would not upgrade to ibex.
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