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Thread: PCSX2 + CDVD plugin

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    PCSX2 + CDVD plugin

    I have been having trouble finding a CDVD plugin that will allow me to load a game from an ISO file into PCSX2. I have searched this forum and many other PCSX2 websites, but i can only find windows plugins that do this. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
    The plugin i have at the moment is EFP polling CDVD Driver 0.4.0 and it seems to me that it can only point to a real DVD device.

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    Re: PCSX2 + CDVD plugin


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    Re: PCSX2 + CDVD plugin

    As far as finding a plugin for linux, this has a few:

    Now, having downloaded and extracted that to the plugins directory is where I run into my problem.
    The option to use that doesn't show up in the PCSX2 just lists the CDVDnull and EFP plugin.

    I've messed around with permissions and making sure it's in the right folders all to no avail, I'm stuck and can't get the GUI options to change, thus can't mount anything.

    Anyone run into this problem?

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