Hi Everyone,

At work we have a WRT54G set up and I can see it in my list of wireless networks, but I can never get my notebook to acquire an IP from it. I had read that the original dhcpd that shipped with this router's firmware rev didn't play nice with Macs so after all the Mac users complained they released a firmware flash with some new dhcpd or tweak to the existing one that allowed Macs to connect. I applied that flash to the router but it never helped. When I try to connect to it via wireless it always times out at "obtaining IP address...."

I was thinking that maybe I needed a new dhcp client or something, but when I plug into the router directly I can get a dhcp lease just fine and everything works as it's supposed to.

At home, I have been able to connect to some local wireless networks, so I know this internal broadcom card is working.

Anyone else have any problem like this? It has persisted across the last two Kubuntu releases, I keep hoping it will work after each reload to latest but so far no joy.

Thanks for any thoughts, at this point I just plug into the router directly, but the annoyance factor of not knowing why this won't work is starting to gnaw at me.