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Thread: Microsoft VX-1000 webcam problems

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    Microsoft VX-1000 webcam problems

    I have recently started using Linux, and have found that most plug-ins are highly compatible. However, I have a Microsoft VX-1000 webcam that will not work on Ubuntu. Any suggestions on how I can solve this problem?

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    Talking Re: Microsoft VX-1000 webcam problems

    Working after 6 months of waiting and searching forums. My cam is the dreaded Microsoft VX-1000.

    Do this:
    Download driver:
    grab the .bz2 file
    extract and change directory
    in terminal type "make" no quotes take about 5 mins
    then type "sudo make install"

    tested working on Intrepid With Cheese, Ekiga, Skype, GyachE, Xawtv

    COLORS are fine! no more green/blue Hardy mess.
    not working in Camorama, Camstream, errors in gqcam

    installed xawtv, luvcview, and removed camserv.

    I am so happy that I should pinch myself. I bought this webcam in June for my birthday and it was always a pain in the butt to solve. Success at last!

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    Re: Microsoft VX-1000 webcam problems

    is there a command to do all of this at once on konsole or is there another way to do it. Sorry I just have the same problem and kind of confused of the instruction you left. Anyway thanx in advance, Julien

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    Re: Microsoft VX-1000 webcam problems

    Just install kernell 2.6.30 and Vx-1000 will work but with no mic


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