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Thread: automated lower case file names on VFAT

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    Question automated lower case file names on VFAT

    To answer the following archived thread

    The vfat driver provides options to control how short names (old 8.3 DOS, upper case only) are created and displayed. A flag since winnt indicates if the shortname is lower case or upper case - internal details are available at

    So to get CVS directories right or any filename shorter than 8 characters created with only upper (or lower) cases, you have to add "shortname=winnt" (default value is "lower") in mount options of your vfat file system in /etc/fstab.

    Then, according to the way existing files have been created, it may be necessary to delete and create them again - in case of CVS, do a fresh checkout. Mixed-case file names are not affected because a long name is created for them.

    For details, you can refer to Linux kernel Documentation/filesystems/vfat.txt and also man mount and search for "shortname" keyword.
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    Re: automated lower case file names on VFAT

    but how would I make ubuntu / gnome use the shortname=lower option automatically on all vfat mounts?

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