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Thread: Newbie file sharing question

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    Unhappy Newbie file sharing question

    I have installed Apache and want to share the www folder so that I can write to it from a windows network.

    I have installed SAMBA, but I can't figure out how to use it. There is an option when you right-click a folder to configure sharing, but it won't work because it needs SUDO.
    Is there a way to run things as SUDO through the GUI?
    If not, how do I configure a share that will work in windows?
    Is there another way to get my web-sites onto my server?

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    Re: Newbie file sharing question

    you might have made some mistake while configuring samba, hopefully this should help .. share the /var/www folder and uncheck "Read only"

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    Re: Newbie file sharing question

    /var/www is owned by root (at least on my default LAMP install). You may need to change the directory settings - or point your virtual host DocumentRoot elsewhere. This page helped me get started.
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