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Thread: Problem with GeForce 9300GS

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    Re: Problem with GeForce 9300GS

    Hello everybody, I've got the same problem: looks like Xorg gets confused by two active VGA adapters in my Vaio Z21VN with Ubuntu Intrepid.

    I don't mean to sound disrespectful of the various efforts to get things going, but I think that booting Windoze XP just to select the video card, then rebooting to Linux is pushing it a little too far even for a workaround.

    I am confident that if we can get someone who knows a little his way around in Xorg innards, finding a way to ignore the Intel adapter and using only the nVidia card shouldn't be so hard (I imagine through a little xorg.config tweaking or a purposeful randr, though I personally have no clue... yet).

    I'm noticing that this thread is just between us newbies: where are the beans roasters where you need them? Hey, dear Ubuntu-gurus, soul of this community: hear us *bump* this issue and, please, let us hear at least some clear-headed ideas.

    Btw, there is another thread on this exact issue: perhaps merging the two would be useful to concentrate efforts.

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