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Thread: I need some help on a Vostro 1000?

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    I need some help on a Vostro 1000?

    Well.. I have this problem, I can't get my Wireless working. I'm using the Intrepid Ibex. On a Vostro 1000, I think the Wireless card is a BCM4311. I can't install ndiswrapper, when I run sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 ndiswrapper-common, it tells me that ndiswrapper is already installed. It isn't installed, and I know this, because when I run any command related to it, the message that comes out says that ndiswrapper isn't installed.

    I'm kinda new to this whole Linux thing, and I'm not really sure what I should do in this situation. Any help would be welcome. Thanks!

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    Re: I need some help on a Vostro 1000?

    Try adding the --reinstall flag to make apt-get do it anyway. In other words:
    sudo apt-get --reinstall install ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 ndiswrapper-common
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