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Thread: DWL-G630 HW:E2, FW: 5.00 / Ubuntu 8.04

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    Re: DWL-G630 HW:E2, FW: 5.00 / Ubuntu 8.04

    Quote Originally Posted by roelpeeters View Post
    It seems like it has loaded it, since you have a wlan0 in your iwconfig list. You might want to try to configure it to use it in your network (here I refer to the other site that you already found).
    In addition, you could try to rebuild the module using the steps we did before but do not do the 'strip' command.
    If I run "iwlist wlan0 scan" I get different acesspoints so I guess it works now but now its just the problem that I can't connect to my own acesspoint

    But I'm almost there, a BIG thanks for all your help


    Now I get it working!!! BUT my connection freezes after a random period of time while surfing on any WLAN, why might that be?

    Also is it possible to "unstrip", to revert the the settings before making the strip command?

    Can I fully uninstall the driver, if so then how I can't seem to find it.

    Thanks in advance & Best Regards - TheSwede86
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    Re: DWL-G630 HW:E2, FW: 5.00 / Ubuntu 8.04

    No problem, glad it worked for you. As far as I know there is no way to unstrip, since basically what happens is that the information that is 'stripped' is thrown away, and therefore you are not able to undo the strip. The only thing would be to make the module again.

    You can uninstall the driver with the following code:
    sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
    sudo rmmod rt61
    This will remove the driver for this instance. If you installed the driver in /etc/modules (you should see a line with rt61 in the file /etc/modules); then you can remove it simply by removing the line with 'rt61' from that file.

    Why it freezes, is hard to say. You might want to check your 'dmesg' or other log files to see if you can find any errors. I know that under heavy load (like a lot of downloading, torrents, http downloads together) the wireless connection may drop.

    Hope this helps,

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