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Thread: Undelete Files of FAT32 in Ubuntu

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    Unhappy Undelete Files of FAT32 in Ubuntu


    While installing Ubuntu 8.04 LTE, I accidently deleted the partitions C: & D: which were FAT32 partitions which were being used for Windows XP. D: was having some data in the form of Pics, Music and some other stuff. Can you help me undeleting that data.

    I would also like to add that with the help of a s/w called "testdisk" I have come to know that data still exists but being a totally novice Linux user, i am not able to recover that data.

    Sorry, if this type of post is already there. Plz guide me the link of the post if same is answered previously.

    One option in my mind is that I should remove Ubuntu, reinstall windows xp, and then recover files using those win suppotive s/w but that would be a long long path to do this.

    Anyways, I would really appreciate your help.


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    Re: Undelete Files of FAT32 in Ubuntu

    I suggest the previous comment is spam - the commercial site it points to has software which claims to undelete files from ext2, ext3 and reiserfs, but not FAT32.

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    Re: Undelete Files of FAT32 in Ubuntu

    I'd recommend TestDisk & Photo Rec, there are very good instructions at that link, and the programs are available in System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager.


    !DO NOT REINSTALL ANY OS! Everytime you write to that hard disk more of your data is quite likely being destroyed. Indeed, it would be best if you could run off of another hard disk, anything will do, and try to not use the Hard Disk with your lost data until AFTER you've done your data recovery.

    Keep your cool, don't panic, and move methodically, and you'll get a great deal of your data back.
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