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Thread: libpam-radius-auth Login issues.

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    Cool libpam-radius-auth Login issues.

    Hi Everyone,
    I am trying to configure system authentication using PAM against a radius server. I have installed libpam-radius-pam on the system and have configured the system exactly like I have configured the CentOS box we have in the environment. The CentOS box PAM authentication off our radius server works well.

    I have created an account in the /etc/passwd, same username as the radius account. I have done this on the CentOS box and it works fine. When I attempt to login using SSH or anything else for that man, the /var/log/auth.log indicates that the password is incorrect.

    passwd -S <username> indicates that the local account is Locked. I unlocked and a random password is applied. Still no go.

    Anyone seen this issue? The problem is not the radius server as i have this working on a CentOS system.

    System information
    Ubuntu Feisty on i386.

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    Re: libpam-radius-auth Login issues.


    I'm trying to do exactly that with centos too. Can you help me in setting that up in centos? I'm using centos 5.2..

    I want to have the radius box separate from the ssh box so I can add multiple ssh boxes as need grows.


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