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Thread: Amateur Radio software - qsstv

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    Amateur Radio software - qsstv

    G'day all,

    Absent our very own Amateur Radio Forum, I guess this is the place to post?????

    I am having some trouble getting qsstv to work as advertised. Both received and transmitted functions seem to have trouble syncing, which manifests as an extreme slant problem. By extreme I mean almost horizontal!! My "standard of comparison" is mmsstv running on my Windows laptop. It has been calibrated against WWV and transmits and receives off-air perfectly.

    Two things I notice which may or may not be relevant.
    qsstv samples at 8000 hz, MMsstv at 11250hz
    qsstv takes much longer to send the same size file in the same protocol

    Any ideas
    Norm VK3XCI

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    Re: Amateur Radio software - qsstv

    OK, I've got this far....

    It's not a timing problem. It's a sync amplitude problem. The sync pulse is much attenuated compared to the same signal on MMSSTV on that other operating system. On qsstv it barely gets out of the grass, tho the picture info is full scale. On MMSSTV otoos it is full scale, as it should be.

    No takers yet????

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    Re: Amateur Radio software - qsstv

    Sorry for being so late Norm, but I have the same problem. Only difference, is MMSSTV on my system in windows is perfect at a 48009 slant.

    It seems that the picture in Qsstv finishes way to soon. About 90 percent of the screen is finished when the Robot 36 file is done.

    I would also like some help please. I do know that he is coming out with a 6.0 version, but I could not get it installed in ubuntu.




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