Hey all,

I'm trying to get tv-out HDMI to work on my new 10.04 system. I'm running a M4A88T-M/USB3 mobo with a AMD 1100T Black Edition chip on it. The onboard video card is a Radeon HD 4250, which I have an HDMI cable connecting to my receiver. Trouble is, the audio/video output to my receiver keeps disappearing. I've tried the default drivers that came with the OS as well as the latest Catalyst drivers from ATI. Nada. Any thoughts? Am I going to need to switch to Nvidia? It was only budgetary constraints that forced me to not get a dedicated video card to begin with, but if I need one to make tv-out work I guess I don't have much of a choice. Or am I likely to have problems with Nvidia too? Based on what I've read, tv-out seems to be a hit-and-miss proposition for the most part. Am I missing something?