Hi. I put together a Hardy live CD (using some of the links in the sticky at the top of this forum, by the way ) that uses only GTK1.2 software, and I thought I'd mention it in case anyone is interested. It's nothing earth-shattering, but if you're working on an old machine that can boot from CD, it might be a curiosity. There are lots of better live CDs out there.

In short, you get IceWM-lite, Dillo, Sylpheed-GTK1, emelFM and gtkedit, with a process viewer and an image viewer. It's exceedingly sparse, but kind of quirky. It's also prewired with some speed tweaks, which is either good or bad.

More information:


Don't bother telling me if you don't like it or think it pointless; I made it for me, not you.

On the other hand, if you have a suggestion (outside of changing the theme ... ) I'm willing to listen. Don't expect much though; I'm not in the business of masterminding distros.