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Thread: Fdisk problems

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    Fdisk problems

    Okay. I'm trying to install ubuntu to dual boot on a software RAID0 setup. So I went to the "fakeRaid" howto page, and I'm following the instructions when I get to this command:

    sudo fdisk /dev/mapper/isw_diihdeefba

    and I get

    Unable to open /dev/mapper/isw_diihdeefba

    HELP! What am I doing wrong?

    Edit: This thread is continued here:
    My bad, didn't mean to double post!!
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    Re: Fdisk problems

    Let's ask some questions here...did you add the repositories and everything? In this situation, that output usually means that the file does not exist. Make sure to follow the instructions and if there are errors, copy and paste them here. That will help us narrow down what is happening.
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    Re: Fdisk problems

    Locked. Double Post.
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