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Thread: Thinking about switching to Ubuntu

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    Thinking about switching to Ubuntu

    I have been running Gentoo for a year now. Recently I was *experimenting* with my system and broke it. I no longer have the patience that is required to fix gentoo. However I see Ubuntu and I like the package manager.

    I like using light applications. If I do change to ubuntu I want to use fluxbox as my window manager and those kinds of apps. So is this a good idea?

    I would like to hear from you guys and whats it like to use ubuntu.

    Also, is it easy to handle win32 codecs and get java on ubuntu?

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    Re: Thinking about switching to Ubuntu

    ubuntu has fluxbox support i think its xubuntu (nope that is xfce stupid me but you can just install fluxbox normaly). The support for ubuntu is great. coming from gentoo I dont think you would have a problem with win32 codecs or java.

    Welcome to the club!

    EDIT: wrong fluxbox name
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    Re: Thinking about switching to Ubuntu

    Xubuntu is for XFCE, but you can use Fluxbox on Ubuntu if you like. Others do. I use Openbox myself.
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