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Thread: Xubuntu installation from iso file in hard drive (problem: Detect & mount CD-ROM ! )

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    Exclamation Xubuntu installation from iso file in hard drive (problem: Detect & mount CD-ROM ! )

    I want to install xubuntu from the iso in my hard disk.
    I have the:


    I installed unetbootin.
    homepage( and it modified boot.ini adding
    I also installed Aero Studio 2008 from
    which added further line:
    C:\Avldr.bin="Avlgo - xubuntu.iso"
    Both software did there job pretty fine in giving me ability to boot from the iso in HDD. Further more unet also extracted the iso in my root drive.

    The problem is with xubuntu and fluxbuntu installer. In both xubuntu and fluxbuntu and other ubuntu distros, After languange and keyboard setup,
    The installer tries to:
    "Detect and mount CD-ROM"
    And here the error comes.
    It says like - The CD-ROM could not be mounted in your drive. Please put it in the drive and press retry. When I choose no. The setup fails with red screen. And then it cant move a step ahead without it.

    Now my question is - After pressing F6 for more options, I get command to give to installer. Is there a command that can make ubuntu install from the iso file (8.3 filename form) that in my root directory ?

    I have all the contents of the CD-ROM as it is in root of C:\ .Is there a way to somewhat trick the installer so that it mounts the extracted files from hard-disk itself into and uses it for furthur installation ? And make things go without problems ?

    Or Is there some other way to install from the iso or extracted iso. Don't tell me abt VMware coz' don't need virtualization under windows. Infact I am planning to quit windows once everything goes fine.

    I have a USB drive (2gb) and a board the has "Enable USB boot" but I have tried to test several times but never booted any little OS till now.

    Yes one thing, using the software, DSL (Damm Small Linux) in root drive boots up easily without errors though I dont have drivers of NIC.

    Where are the vast customizabilty options I have heard ?

    Please rescue !
    Any IDEAS to share ??

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