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Thread: [Beginner] Programming Challenge: 6

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    [Beginner] Programming Challenge: 6

    Sorry for the delay, but you get what you pay for

    This new challenge with be something special. I decided to not go with the algorithm suggestions I have been getting and try something new (yet not hard).

    Hopefully, you will learn something.

    The Challenge
    Do any of the previous challenges, but in Scheme, Common Lisp, or Haskell. If you know one of those languages, you can use it, but I prefer one uses a new language.

    The Reasons
    The other challanges weren't hard. In particular, the first and second ones would be ideal candidates for this. The whole point of this is to expose new programmers to another syntax. C syntax will show its true colours; BASIC syntax will be revealed for the monstrosity that it is.

    My wiki would be a good place to learn the basics of these languages. Scheme would be the simplist.

    How it will be graded
    It won't be. You'll get feedback (hopefully) from those who can give it. You should focus on learning and trying to use new concepts.
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