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Thread: Creating a bridge from ppp0 to wlan0

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    Red face Creating a Wireless Accespoint

    Hello everyone!
    Im trying to set up a laptop that will take a GPRS modem set up under ppp0 and act as a wireless access point on wlan0.
    GPRS Modem -> Laptop (w/ DHCP Server) -> Wireless card (In Master Mode)-> Wireless Clients

    I need help setting up a DHCP server and bridging the two connections. I already have both connections set up and I can connect to sites from the laptop through PPP0 but any clients connecting cant ping or see anything.
    Thanks for any help you can give,
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    Cool Re: Creating a bridge from ppp0 to wlan0


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    Re: Creating a bridge from ppp0 to wlan0

    you would have to club these two tutorials for this to work
    1)ICS -
    2)laptop as AP -
    remember with laptop as AP only one pc can access the laptop's connection via wlan0 at a time.. you would be setting up a adhoc wifi network

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