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Thread: can i bulk re-encode with audacity

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    can i bulk re-encode with audacity

    I want to re-encode all my music (mp3 format) using audacity, i am tring to get the file sizes down so everything will fit on my 1gb ipod shuffle
    i know there are several 4.5-7MB files that could have a MB or more shaved off the file size, going though 220 files one by one is a PITA

    i have tried using sound converter, but i have had it make file larger than audacity and loose some sound data on some high frequencies sections of songs

    if this is just a settings difference i would like to know how to set the sound converter to write mp3s the same as audacity exports them
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    Re: can i bulk re-encode with audacity

    I would use sox for such a batch conversion. Sound converter will work, but it requires you defining the exact mp3 settings as a profile, otherwise you will get default settings--which may result in larger files.

    The other way to do it is some music player applications have a mode to transcribe on-the-fly for designated mp3, hardware devices. This requires some setup, but since it works on the fly, you don't have to reencode your entire collection.
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    Re: can i bulk re-encode with audacity

    you could probably do it with ffmpeg/avconv, but you'd need to write a quick script to catch all your files (likely with find) and then pipe them to ffmpeg. something like:
    cd /path/to/music/folder/
    while read -r f; do
      P=$(echo $f | sed 's|.*/||')
      ffmpeg -i $f <ffmpeg options> $P/.$F
      mv $P/.$F $f
    done < <(find . -iname *.mp3)


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